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Customer service

Introduction to Strikeplagiarism

This website represents a data portal with all information regarding StrikePlagiarism. On this website you will find out how to:

Additionally, here is where you will find information about all our policies, customer service and integration possibilities.

Сustomer service

At StrikePlagiarism we prioritize face to face customer service. We have offices in most of the countries we operate in and our team is always available online for consultations and inquiries. We provide:


We offer a flexible system which can be used in browser, but can also be adapted to any LMS. We offer a variety of options for integration with learning management systems via:

Read more about LMS integrations here.

Functionalities of the system

StrikePlagiarism is intuitive and easy to use. We rely on feedback from our customers and constantly improve the functionalities to make our service better. The StrikePlagiarism software offers:

Available tutorials

We strive to make our system accessible and easy to use by providing reliable customer service, an intuitive interface and helpful tutorials! You can access our helpful tutorials on: 

Legal documents

On this web page as well as on our official website you can find all the documents concerning legal questions. 

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