Our team

StrikePlagiarism is an international brand and a product of Plagiat.pl. The company was founded in 2002 and has been growing internationally since then. Currently, the company has active offices in Poland and 5 more countries. Every team is responsible for a certain geographical region.

The headquarter and the IT and product management team is located in Warsaw, Poland.

The StrikePlagiarism staff is responsible for the smooth operation of the system. The company works on the basis of customer experience which is the strong fundament to create new features and further develop the system. The troubleshooting team is operating during non-working hours and is taking care of the clients from all over the world.

Plagiat.pl and StrikePlagiarism.com operate as a commercial company. The service provided by StrikePlagiarism is offered for sale to corporate clients and the product is ideally matching expectations of both the educational institutions (universities, schools, publishing houses, etc.) and the business. 

Plagiat.pl owns several products, including the ASAP (Academic Work Archiving System), Domestic search module and Acambico. Our company has taken part in many international projects, including those sponsored by the European Commission, the Ministry of Education of Poland, Romania, Bulgaria and other countries.

Our team of specialists speaks multiple languages, including English, Spanish, Portuguese, French, German, Polish, Romanian, Bulgarian, Turkish, Arabic, Ukrainian and so on.

Our specialists conduct regular trainings for teachers, students and university staff, explaining how our system works, interactive similarity report, integration with LMS, and so on. Trainings are conducted both online and at the client’s premises.

Our workshops are very popular because we try very hard and do not leave a single question unanswered.